Welcome to Bahar Al Shamal Metal Const Ind LLC, your number one Stainless Steel fabricator in the UAE. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of our services with an emphasis on quality, flexible prices and tailored design.

Our History

 Our story began in 2007 in the Chechen Republic. Back then, we were a small company established to fulfil the demand for the stainless steel products needed for the reconstruction projects for the war-torn country. In 2017, after thorough considerations, we decided to move our company to the UAE for a better business and environment. In 2018, here in Sharjah, we established Bahar Al Shamal Metal Const. Ind. LLC to continue our passion but on a whole new level serving customers from all over the world.


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Personalized Approach

We are happy to help you to accurately envision your project by means of specialized 3D CAD Software. During the process, our craftsmen take on-site measurements and produce realistic renderings so that you can fully visualize all details of the design. Which helps to eliminate the expensive, often unattractive on-site improvising and rework. Which is especially important on stairs and transitions between multi-level decks. 







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Excellence and Professionalism

The essential philosophy of Bahar Al Shamal is recognizing and understanding the needs of our customers in the United Arab Emirates for tailored solutions, which inspires our continuous development of unique products in form and function and are, as a result, highly recognizable and practical.

Our specialists have undertaken over 1000 of projects by employing high-tech measuring devices, the dedicated range of machines working with a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Toughened Glass and Wood.


Safety and Guarantee

 We take extra care to ensure that our Fences, Railing systems, Canopies and many other products meet all UAE safety regulations and standards, where applicable.

As well as that, our products are built to be practical in exploitation while aesthetically appealing and have a guaranteed long life. 


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General Manager


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Sales Manager


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