Canopies are mainly fabricated from stainless steel and glass due to their specific application in the potentially wet environment.

Our manufacturing specialists can work with various complex shapes and sizes to meet architectural and aesthetic requirements of the customer. Products from this category could range from a small canopy installed above a porch to larger roof mounted over a terrace.

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Glass Canopies - Curved, Straight, Roof, Carport

Canopy placed outside entrance doors protects people entering the building from the rain, snow and excessive UV rays while, at the same time, allowing natural light through to the entrance area. As well as that, it provides an attractive and contemporary look to a residential or public building. Despite clear glass being a popular choice, coloured and tanned glass is an option. 

Canopies that project from buildings require being made of an impact resistant and durable material as they are subject to wind and snow loads. Given that, our team can determine the correct strength and thicknesses for toughened glass constructions for the project.