No two railing projects are alike although, every project undergoes a similar railing design process. During the quoting process, you helped us understand the general scope of the project. Once the project starts, we get into the fine details.

project development.png

Your Requirements: Project Details

  • Desired style of the product(Fence e.t.c): 

You can send us a photo of a similar fence style that you have seen either on the internet including our website or you might have a hand sketch idea of your own that needs developing. Customers would visit our showroom to see examples of the product range and materials we use and to talk to our salesperson who will facilitate the decision process. 

  • Dimensions of the project: 

Whether it is a commercial or residential project we will require the copy of its detailed architectural drawings if available.

  • Job Site Photos: 

In most cases, we visit project locations to understand the job site and take photos of tricky situations that need some creative thinking to resolve.


Design Process: 3D Modeling

As soon as we receive all the measurements we start building a 3D CAD model of the project, which is a central point in the design process. It accurately depicts the product on your site and allows quick modifications to the design where necessary. From this 3D model, we can create realistic renderings, perform structural analysis and make detailed 2D drawings for our manufacturing team. 

3d modeling.png

Collaboration With The Client:

Once the initial renderings of your project are complete, we will invite you to have a look and check if we understood your requirements correctly. If you find out that things aren't looking as great as you envisioned, then it is a great opportunity to make design changes and reiterate the current process.


Documentation Phase:

After all the design details are complete we document all 2D drawings of the project design and submit them to you or your contractor for review. These drawings contain key information that aid in the fabrication and installation stages of the product that are coming next.



At this stage, we fabricate the product in our workshop closely following the final design specifications. If the project contains parts made of wood or tempered glass we will order them from our trusted manufacturing suppliers and get them delivered to the site on time.



As soon as the fabrication of the first batch of the product is complete our installation team will commence the installation process while the remaining parts of the product are still being fabricated. Doing that we save the time required for the installation process. Besides that, we aim to fabricate as much of the final product in the workshop as possible in order to keep installation site free of excess noise and dirt.

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Follow Up:

Once the railings are installed we can have a follow up “Fly through” with your installer. To help them understand how everything goes together to ensure a beautiful result. We think our railing design process is unique and with our skill and techniques, you can be assured that your project will come out better than you imagined.